Are you looking for a software solution that can support you in every stage of the life cycle of your cosmetic products? You've come to the right place!

Tell us about your challenges and objectives and discover how COSMETIC Factory will enable you to optimise the creation and marketing of your cosmetic products.


Based on artificial intelligence algorithms, COSMETIC Factory provides a common thread throughout the life cycle of a cosmetic product. It goes from the idea to the design and formulation, up to international marketing. It manages international regulatory compliance, quality and vigilance.



COSMETIC Factory modules

Formulation module: Creation of formulas with raw material comparison system, comparison of formulas, analysis, price management and associated tests.

Perfume module: Creation of formulas with the addition of ingredients, raw materials, allergens, etc., olfactory pyramid and analysis, price management.

Development module: Product, efficacy and tolerance testing.

Global compliance module: Validation of the formula in 1 click, "GO" or "NO-GO" to market, active regulatory watch, management of your blacklist.

Toxicological database module: Access to the toxicological database carried out by EcoMundo toxicologists: 4000 toxicological profiles.

Cosmetovigilance module: Management and responsibility.

SDS One-Click module: Generate in 1-Click standard SDS for your raw materials, formulas and products.

Business report module: Rights management, SAP alert system and reports, Sage, etc., customised dashboard per user, customised task/project management, portfolio view of product status and progress.


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